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General Stuff - IF statements
Name Usage What it does
check CHECK [200] 1 Checks to see if flag 200 is set to 1 (on) / 0 (off)
daytime DAYTIME SUNSET Compares the current sever 'time' to the option you entered: SUNRISE,DAY,SUNSET,NIGHT
dayofweek DAYOFWEEK SUN Checks if it's sunday options: SUN,MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI,SAT
hour HOUR 9 9

Checks if the hour right now is 9
options: HOUR 9 12 : this will check if the hour is 9,10,11 or 12

min MIN 30 35 Checks if the minutes right now are higher or equal to 30 and lower then 35
ranom RANDOM 50 Takes a random number from 0-50, and if it's 0 then it's true
ranomex RANDOMEX 10 = 5 Takes a random number between 0 and 10, and checks if it's 5, options: =,<,>,>=

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General Stuff - ACT statements
Name Usage What it does
set SET [200] 1 Sets questflag 200 on, options: 1(on) 0(off)
reset RESET [50] 10 Sets Questflag 50-59 to 0(off)
close CLOSE Closes the clients npc dialog
break BREAK Stops the rest of the npc code from being run
getauctionitems GETAUCTIONITEMS 5 Gets all auction items from 'category' 5
closeauction CLOSEAUCTION Closes the auction window
goquest GOQUEST questname

Starts quest called questname

endquest ENDQUEST Stops the quest you where working on
goto GOTO @main Makes the npc goto the @main menu
gmexecute GMEXECUTE commandname Executes any command
exeaction EXEACTION KICK Kicks you from the server, options: CHANGEEXP, CHANGELEVEL, KILL
sendmsg SENDMSG 3 text Works exactly the same as LINEMSG
linemsg LINEMSG 3 text Sends a message with the content 'text', options: 0(regular message), 1 ((*) infront), 2 ([npc name] infront), 3([charname] infront), 4(just message of (I think npc) saying), 5 (red text), 6 (green text), 7(blue text), 8(group text), 9 (guild text)
setsendmsgflag SETSENDMSGFLAG Sets BOSENDMSGFLAG to true(probably whisper, not sure)
messagebox MESSAGEBOX text Sends the player a menu popup with 'text' in it
runsound RUNSOUND 50 Plays sound number 50 on the players' client

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Mob Stuff - ACT
Name Usage What it does
mongen MONGEN Yob 5 10 Spawns 5 Yobs in a 10 square radius around the map. Params: Param1 (mapname), Param2(x), Param3(y)
recallmob RECALLMOB Yob 1 20 0 1 Gives the player a Yob pet that's level 1 and will stay there for 20 mins, it will also have colour number 1, if fourth number is 1 then it's colour will randomly change
killslave KILLSLAVE Kills all your pets/slaves
mission MISSION mapname 5 10 Sets the mission to mapname, 5, 10 (name of the map to spawn on, x, y coords)
mobplace MOBPLACE mobname Spawns a mob called 'mobname' and tells it to go to the coords you set using mission. Params: Param1 (x coord), Param2 (Y coord), Param3 (amount), Param4 (range)
mongenex MONGENEX mapname 5 6 Yob 6 7 Spawns a Yob at map called 'mapname' at the coords 5:6, 6= range around spawn point, 7 = amount of mobs
clearmapmon CLEARMAPMON mapname Deletes all mobs from the map called 'mapname'
openitembox OPENITEMBOX mobname Makes a mob called 'mobname' infront of you then makes it die
recallclone RECALLCLONE mobname 1 20 Gives the player a clone pet called 'mobname' that starts at level 1 and stays tamed for 20 mins.

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Char Stats - IF statements
Name Usage What it does
CHECKLEVEL 45 Checks if you are level 45 or above
CHECKJOB Warrior Checks if you are a Warrior, options: Warrior, Wizard, Taoist
GENDER MAN Checks if you are male or female, options: MAN, WOMAN
CHECKLUCKYPOINT 50 Checks if your bodyluck is higher or equal to 50
CHECKBAGGAGE Sunpotion Checks if there's enough bagweight left to carry an extra Sunpotion
CHECKMAGIC Fireball Checks if you have learnt Fireball
CHECKMAGICLEVEL Fireball 3 Checks if you have learnt Fireball and it's at training level 3
CHECKHORSE Checks if you have a horse equipped
CHECKRIDING Checks if you are riding a horse
CHECKBBCOUNT 4 Checks if you have 4 or more slaves/pets
CHECKSLAVECOUNT = 10 Checks if you have 10 slaves/pets, options: =,<,>
CHECKSLAVELEVEL = 4 Checks if the highest level slave/pet you have is 4, options: =,<,>,>=
CHECKSLAVENAME Yob = 2 Checks if you have 2 Yobs tamed as pets, options: =,<,>,>=
ISSYSOP Checks if your permission level (GM level) is 4 or more
ISADMIN Checks if your permission level (GM level) is 6 or more
CHECKLEVELEX = 5 Checks if player is level 5, options: =,<,>
CHECKBONUSPOINT = 5 Checks if players total amount of bonus ability stats = 5, options: =,<,>
ISNEWHUMAN Checks if you have only just made your char (first login)
CHECKDC = 20 Checks if you have 20 DC, options: =,<,>,>=
CHECKMC = 20 Checks if you have 20 MC, options: =,<,>,>=
CHECKSC = 20 Checks if you have 20 SC, options: =,<,>,>=

CHECKHP = 20 > 30

Checks if your current hp is 20 and your max hp is higher than 30, options: =,<,>,>=
CHECKMP > 10 = 30 Checks if your current mp is more than 10 and your max mp is 30, options: =,<,>,>=
CHECKEXP > 50 Checks if your current exp is above 50, options: =,<,>,>=
onlinelongmin ONLINELONGMIN = 5 Checks if you have been online for 5 mins, options: =,<,>,>=

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Char Stats - ACT statements
Name Usage What it does
changemode CHANGEMODE 2 Changes your chars 'mode' on server, options: 1=@gamemaster, 2=@superman, 3=@observer (You need to beable to do the command for this to work, if you're not a gm in the DB this wont work)
pkpoint PKPOINT -10 Decreases your pkpoints by 10, can also have 0 (instant pkpoint 0) or 100 (increase by 100)
kick KICK Kicks the player from the server
hairstyle HAIRSTYLE 2 Changes your hairstyle to style '2' options: 1,2
changegender CHANGEGENDER 1 Changes your gender to Male(0), Female(1)
changelevel CHANGELEVEL = 5 Changes your level to 5, options: =,+,-
clearskill CLEARSKILL Deletes all of your trained skills
delnojobskill DELNOJOBSKILL Deletes all the magics you have that don't match your job
delskill DELSKILL Fireball Deletes the skill called Fireball
addskill ADDSKILL Fireball 2 Gives you the spell Fireball at training level 2
skilllevel SKILLEVEL Fireball = 3 Advances your Fireball skill to level 3, options: =,+,-
changepkpoint CHANGEPKPOINT = 5 Changes your pkpoint to 5, options: =,+,-
changeexp CHANGEEXP - 50 Decreases your exp by 50, options: =,+,-
changejob CHANGEJOB Warrior Changes your job to a Warrior, options: Warrior, Wizard, Taoist
setmembertype SETMEMBERTYPE = 2 Sets membertype value to 2, options: =,+,-
setmemberlevel SETMEMBERLEVEL +2 Sets memberlevel +2, options: =,+,-
gamegold GAMEGOLD - 10 Takes away 10 gamegold(not regular gold), options: =,+,-
autoaddgamegold AUTOADDGAMEGOLD START Starts automatically decreasing your gamegold, Params: Param1 = points, Param2 = time between additions, options: START, STOP
autosubgamegold AUTOSUBGAMEGOLD START Starts automatically decreasing your gamegold, Params: Param1 = points, Param2 = time between additions, ?options: START, STOP?
changenamecolor CHANGENAMECOLOR 200 Changes the colour of your name to colour number 200
clearpassword CLEARPASSWORD Clears your password (storage)
renewlevel RENEWLEVEL 10 20 1 Increases your relevel value by 10, changes your level to 20 and gives you 1 extra bonuspoint
killmonexprate KILLMONEXPRATE 120 150 Changes your exprate to 120% for 150 seconds
powerrate POWERRATE 130 200 Changes your power rate to 130% for 200 seconds
changepermission CHANGEPERMISSION 3 Changes your access to 3 (GM rights)
kill KILL 2 Kills you without giving anyone else the kill, options: 1(kills you with no drops), 2 (kills you without pking for others), 3 (no drop + no pking), 4(just dieing without anything else)
bonuspoint BONUSPOINT = 2 Sets your bonus abilities to 2 (and resets all the points you have), options: =,+
restrenewlevel RESTRENEWLEVEL Puts relevel value to 0
creditpoint CREDITPOINT - 50 Reduces creditpoints by 50, options: =,+,-
gamepoint GAMEPOINT = 5 Sets your gamepoint value to 5, options: =,+,-
restbonuspoint RESTBONUSPOINT Resets your assigned bonuspoint
humanhp HUMANHP + 5000 Adds 5000 hp to your char (or fills your bar if you don't have 5000), options: =,+,-
humanmp HUMANMP + 20 Adds 20 mp to your char (or fills your bar if you don't have 20), options: =,+,-
setranklevelname SETRANKLEVELNAME name Sets your rankname to 'name'
setautogetexp SETAUTOGETEXP 100 50 Gives 50 exp every 100 seconds
temppowerup TEMPPOWERUP DC 2 50 Increases your DC by 4(2+2) for 50 seconds, options: DC,MC,SC,ASPEED,HP,MP

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Item Bits - IF statements
Name Usage What it does
checkitem CHECKITEM Sunpotion 3 Checks if you have 3 or more sunpotions in your bag
checkitemw CHECKITEM W GoldRing 2 Checks if you are wearing 2 GoldRings
checkgold CHECKGOLD 5000 Checks if you have 5000 or more gold
istakeitem ISTAKEITEM Sunpotion Not entirely sure it checks if some name = the param you enter
checkdura CHECKDURA GoldOre 15 Checks if you have a dura 15 or more goldore in your bag
checkduraeva CHECKDURAEVA GoldOre 50 Checks if the total amount of all the dura on GoldOres in your bag combined is 50 or more
checkuseitem CHECKUSEITEM 2 Checks if you have something equipped on position 2 of your body
checkbagsize CHECKBAGSIZE 10 Checks if you have 10 spare spaces in your bag
checkitemtype CHECKITEMTYPE 3 25 Checks if the stdmode of the item on position 3 of your body is 25
checkitemaddvalue CHECKITEMADDVALUE Checks if the total amount of added stats on the item on position 8 on your body is 5, options: =,<,>,>=

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Item Bits - ACT statements
Name Usage What it does
take TAKE Sunpotion 5 Takes 5 Sunpotions from your bag
give GIVE Sunpotion 5 Gives you 5 Sunpotions
givew TAKEW GoldRing 2 Takes 2 GoldRings you're wearing away from you. you can also make it take a specific type of item you're wearing by replacing the itemname with: [NECKLACE], [RING], [ARMRING], [WEAPON], [HELMET], [DRESS], [U_BUJUK], [U_BELT], [U_BOOTS], [U_CHARM]
takecheckitem TAKECHECKITEM Takes the item recently 'checked for by this npc
clearneeditems CLEANNEEDITEMS 2 Deletes all items in your bag, storage that have need value set to '2'
clearmakeitems CLEARMAKEITEMS Sunpotion 15245 0 Deletes all the equipped items with makeindex 15245, if the last 0 would be 1 then it'll delete all the items equipped called Sunpotion
upgradeitem UPGRADEITEM 3 2 1 Upgrades item equipped on slot 3 with 1/3 chances of success (basicaly it's 2+1 cause 0's an option aswel) and will add 1 point to one of the stats on the item (this can result into bugged items though, so it's use is not recomended)
upgradeitemex UPGRADEITEMEX 3 5 1 2 1 Same as above but instead here it's position on your equipment(3), type of stat to add (these values are rather hard to explain but in this case it's 5), chance of succes: 1/2 (1+1), points to add: 2, last value is the type of upgrade: 0= just fail, 1 = deletes item if failed, sets the added stat to 0 if failed

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Map Bits - IF statements
Name Usage What it does
checkmonmap CHECKMONMAP d024 10 Checks if there is less than 10 mobs on the map d024
checkrealmonmap CHECKREALMONMAP d024 10 Checks if there is less than 10 mobs (pets don't count) on the map d024
checkhum CHECKHUM d024 10 Checks if there's less than 10 players on the map 2024
checkpos CHECKPOS mapname x y Checks if you are standing on map called 'mapname' at coords x,y
checkrangemoncount CHECKRANGEMONCOUNT mapname x y range = 5 Checks on map called 'mapname' around x,y if there are 5 mobs in a range, options: =,<,>,>=
checkinmaprange CHECKINMAPRANGE mapname x y range Checks if you are within range of x,y coords on the map 'mapname'
checkmaphumancount CHECKMAPHUMANCOUNT mapname = 6 Checks if there are 6 humans on the map 'mapname', options: =,<,>,>=
checkmapmoncount CHECKMAPMONCOUNT mapname > 5 Checks if there are 5 mobs on the map 'mapname', options: =,<,>,>=
checkmap CHECKMAP mapname Checks if you are on the map called 'mapname'

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Map Bits - ACT statements
Name Usage What it does
timerecall TIMERECALL 50 Sets a 50 min delay after which you will be teleported back to the spot you where on when you clicked the NPC
mapmove MAPMOVE mapname 5 10 Moves you to map 'mapname' position 5:10
map MAP mapname Moves you to map 'mapname'
breaktimerecall BREAKTIMERECALL Stops a timed recall if any npc set it for your char
exchangemap EXCHANGEMAP mapname Makes you switch places with someone on map 'mapname', if there's nobody on that map then you just get teleported there
recallmap RECALLMAP mapname Makes everyone on map 'mapname' get teleported to the map you're on
addbatch ADDBATCH mapname Sets the options for the batchmove
batchdelay BATCHDELAY Sets the batch delay to 10 seconds
batchmove BATCHMOVE Sets a delayed random move to a map set by ADDBATCH; first do BATCHDELAY then ADDBATCH then BATCHMOVE
setmapmon SETMAPMODE mapname SAFE Sets the map to SAFE, options: same as mapflag on your TBL_MAPINFO 1(on) 0(off)
pkzone PKZONE 2 3 100 50 Activates a map effect in a square around the npc in range 2, the looks = 3 (dunno what it's for), will last for 100 secs and do 50 damage
mobfireburn MOBFIREBURN mapname x y type points As far as I know it does same as PKZONE but around player instead of NPC
gtmapmove GTMAPMOVE mapname 5 10 Moves you to map with name 'mapname' coords 5:10 but on the same gt number as where the npc is on

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Files - IF statements
Name Usage What it does
checknamelist CHECKNAMELIST filename.txt Checks if your charname is in filename.txt
checkaccountlist CHECKACCOUNTLIST filename.txt Checks if you login is in filename.txt
checkiplist CHECKIPLIST filename.txt Checks if your ip is in filename.txt
checknameiplist CHECKNAMEIPLIST filename.txt Checks if your charname and ip address are in filename.txt (basicaly only with both combination will this give true if you have the charname with a different ip in the list it'll be false)
checkaccountiplist CHECKACCOUNTIPLIST filename.txt Checks if your account and ip are in filename.txt (same as above)
checknamelistposition CHECKNAMELISTPOSITION filename.txt 5 Checks if your name is on the 5th line in filename.txt
checkguildlist CHECKGUILDLIST filename.txt

Checks if your guild name is in filename.txt

checkservername CHECKSERVERNAME name Checks if your server is called 'name'

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Files - ACT statements
Name Usage What it does
addnamelist ADDNAMELIST filename.txt Adds your charname to filename.txt
delnamelist DELNAMELIST filename.txt Deletes your charname from filename.txt
addguildlist ADDGUILDLIST filename.txt Adds your guildname to filename.txt
delguildlist DELGUILDLIST filename.txt Deletes your guildname from filename.txt
addaccountlist ADDACCOUNTLIST filename.txt Adds your login to filename.txt
delaccountlist DELACCOUNTLIST filename.txt Deletes your login from filename.txt
addiplist ADDIPLIST filename.txt Adds your IP to filename.txt
deliplist DELIPLIST filename.txt Deletes your IP from filename.txt
clearnamelist CLEARNAMELIST filename.txt Deletes all data from filename.txt
addnamedatelist ADDNAMEDATELIST filename.txt Adds your name and date to filename.txt
delnamedatelist DELNAMEDATELIST filename.txt Deletes your name and date from filename.txt
clearlist CLEARLIST filename.txt Deletes everything in filename.txt

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Guild - IF statements
Name Usage What it does
isguildmaster ISGUILDMASTER Checks if you are a guild master
iscastleguild ISCASTLEGUILD Checks if your guild owns a castle (eg sabuk)
isattackguild ISATTACKGUILD Checks if your guild is attacking a castle
isdefenseguild ISDEFENSEGUILD Checks if your guild is defending a castle
haveguild HAVEGUILD Checks if you have a guild
checkcastledoor CHECKCASTLEDOOR OPEN Checks if the castle door is open, option: OPEN,CLOSE,DESTROYED
isattackallyguild ISATTACKALLYGUILD Checks if your guild is allied to the attackers
isdefenseallyguild ISDEFENSEALLYGUILD Checks to see if your guild is allied with the defenders
iscastlemaster ISCASTLEMASTER Checks to see if you are the guild leader and your guild owns a castle
checkofguild CHECKOFGUILD guildname Checks if you are in a guild called 'guildname'
checkcastlegold CHECKCASTLEGOLD = 5000 Checks if the gold on your castle is 5000, options: =,<,>,>=
castlechangedelay CASTLECHANGEDELAY = 4 Checks if your guild owns the castle for 4 days, options: =,<,>,>=
castlewardelay CASTLEWARDELAY Checks if it's another 6 days until next war if it's been 6 days since the last war, options: =,<,>,>=

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Guild - ACT statements
Name Usage What it does
takecastlegold TAKECASTLEGOLD 500 Takes 500 gold out of the castle(eg, sabuk)
guildbuildpoint GUILDBUILDPOINT = 50 Sets your guilds buildpoint to 50, options: =,+,-
guildauraepoint GUILDAURAEPOINT - 5 Reduces your guilds auraepoint by 5, options: =,+,-
guildstabilitypoint GUILDSTABILITYPOINT + 5 Adds 5 points to your guild 'stabilitypoint' value, options: =,+,-
guildflourishpoint GUILDFLOURISHPOINT = 10 Sets your guilds flourishpoint to 10, options: =,+,-

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Group - IF statements
Name Usage What it does
checkgroupleader CHECKGROUPLEADER Checks if you're the group leader
checkgroupnearby CHECKGROUPNEARBY Checks if all of the group is near the npc
checkgroupcount CHECKGROUPCOUNT = 5 Checks if there is exactly 5 people in the group, options: =,<,>
checkgroupclass CHECKGROUPCLASS Warrior = 2 Checks if you are the group leader and if there are at least 2 Warriors in your group, options: Warrior, Wizard, Taoist, =,<,>,>=

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Group - ACT statements
Name Usage What it does
groupmovemap GROUPMOVEMAP mapname 5 6 Moves everyone in your group to map with name 'mapname' coords 5,6, only works if you are the group leader

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Person you're facing - IF statements
Name Usage What it does
checkposedir CHECKPOSEDIR 1 Checks if the person you're facing is same gender as you, options: 0(doesn't matter what gender), 1(same gender), 2(opposite gender)
checkposelevel CHECKPOSELEVEL = 1 Checks if the person you are facing is level 1, options: =,<,>
checkposegender CHECKPOSEGENDER MALE Checks if the person you are facing is MALE, options: MAN, MALE, WOMAN, FEMALE

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Marriage - IF statements
Name Usage What it does
checkmarry CHECKMARRY Checks if you are married (not sure if it works)
checkposemarry CHECKPOSEMARRY Checks if the person you are facing is married
checkmarrycount CHECKMARRYCOUNT = 1 Checks how long you have been married, options: =,<,>
Cgecheckmaster CHECKMASTER Checks if you are a student
havemaster HAVEMASTER Checks if you have a master/student
checkposemaster CHECKPOSEMASTER Checks if the person you are facing is a student
posehavemaster POSEHAVEMASTER Checks if the person you're facing has a master/student
checkposeismaster CHECKPOSEISMASTER Checks if the person you're facing is a master (can be someone else's master)
checkismaster CHESISMASTER  

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Password - IF statements
Name Usage What it does
passworderrorcount PASSWORDERRORCOUNT = 3 Checks if your password error counter = 3, options: =,<,>,>=
islockpassword ISLOCKPASSWORD Checks if your passwordlocked is true
islockstorage ISLOCKSTORAGE Checks if your storage is locked

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Weird stuff - IF statements
Name Usage What it does
checkopen CHECKOPEN 250 1 Checks the m_QuestUnitOpen array to see if it's 1(on) or 0(off)
checkunit CHECKUNIT 250 0 Checks the m_QuestUnit array to see if it's 1(on) or 0(off)
reviveslaves REVIVESLAVES Reads file envir\petdata\charname.txt and does something which I think is bugged
checkguildcheifitemcount CHECKGUILDCHEIFITEMCOUNT = 6 Checks if your guilds 'chiefitemcount' value = 6, options: =,<,>,>=
checkcreditpoint CHECKCREDITPOINT = 5 Checks if your creditpoint = 5, options: =, <, >, >=
checkmembertype CHECKMEMBERTYPE = 2 Checks if your membertype = 2, options: =, <, >, >=
checkmemberlevel CHECKMEMBERLEVEL > 2 Checks if your member level > 2, options: =, <, >, >=
checkgamegold CHECKGAMEGOLD >= 100 Checks if your gamegold >= 100, options: =, <, >, >=
checkgamepoint CHECKGAMEPOINT < 5 Checks if your gamepoints are lower than 5, options: =, <, >, >=
checkrenewlevel CHECKRENEWLEVEL = 8 Checks if your renewlevel = 5, options: =, <, >, >=
checkcreditpoint CHECKCREDITPOINT = 50 Checks if you have 50 creditpoints, options: =, <, >, >=
checkpayment CHECKPAYMENT 10 Checks if your payment value = 10
checkguildbuildpoint CHECKGUILDBUILDPOINT = 5 Checks if your guilds 'buildpoint' = 5, options: =, <, >, >=
checkguildauraepoint CHECKGUILDAURAEPOINT > 4 Checks if your guilds auraepoint > 4, options: =, <, >, >=
checkguildstabilitypoint CHECKGUILDSTABILITYPOINT >= 3 Checks if your guilds stabilitypoint >= 3, options: =, <, >, >=
checkguildflourishpoint CHECKGUILDFLOURISHPOINT < 6 Checks if your guilds flourishpoint < 6, options: =, <, >, >=
checkcontribution CHECKCONTRIBUTION = 6 Checks if your contribution value = 6, options: =, <, >, >=

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Weird stuff - ACT statements
Name Usage What it does
setopen SETOPEN 100 1 Sets quesunitopen array position 100 to 1(on)
setunit SETUNIT 105 1 Sets questunit array position 105 to 1(on)
resetunit RESETUNIT 20 10 Sets questunit array position 20-29 to off